When I think about architecture, I have the feeling of nostalgia. These feelings are developed from the images of my life history and from my desires. I remember vividly the way the morning sunlight entered through the glass entry door of my childhood home. I remember the warmth it gave as it washed the wood floor while I would sit with my father, who would be eating a grapefruit after his morning run.

The depth of emotion that is supported by our surrounding environment is endless, and it is also malleable. My approach to architecture is to search for that intimate connection between space and the human being, which is meaningful in enhancing the emotional quality of our daily life.

My work in architecture has been developed through a perpetual interaction with the minutia of its creation. From the initial conception of a space, to the materiality that binds it, to its physical construction, I continue to seek the nuances of architecture that link to the emotions of its inhabitants